We are the Tekkeikan

We are the reigning Berlin individual and team champions

Former members of the German national team, members of the national squad and the Berlin state squad train with us. The level is adapted to this. Meaning: Kakerigeeeeeeeiko!

Founding year of the Tekkeikan


Dan gradings

Our Story

Tekkeikan is the kendo division of the Olympischer Sport-Club BERLIN e.V. The history of the OSC goes back to January 6, 1890.

The first training session for the Kendo division took place on 17 October 2011. As the photo shows, the founders are Alexander Triebsees, Stefan Linz, Sabine Nuding, Joern Barthel and Jan Ulmer (from left to right).

Gründungsbild mit Alexander Triebsees, Stefan Linz, Sabine Nuding, Joern Barthel, Jan Ulmer (v.l.n.r)

Kendo: what is it?

Kendo (from Japanese 剣道, ken=sword, dō=way) is the modern version of traditional Japanese sword fighting, which involves fighting in armor with a bamboo sword.

For us:

First train hard, then relax together with a cool drink - that's kendo for us.

Kendo in Germany and Berlin

Kendo has existed in Germany since the 1960s. There are 12 regional associations spread across Germany. These are organized under the umbrella of the German Kendo Federation.

In Berlin alone there are currently 7 clubs, all of which belong to the Kendo Association Berlin. Image film from the German Kendo Association

Would you like to leave your comfort zone?

We can definitely help you with that. For kendo beginners, we offer great try-out sessions and a trial lesson with the Tekkeikan Juniors - with probably the best instructors in the world.

If you have been practicing kendo for a while and are looking for a great club, you can find more information on how to join us here.

As in all of Berlin, guests are always welcome! Do you have any questions? Then simply write us a message.

Meet our Trainers

Robin Grelewicz, 6. Dan

Robin Grelewicz

6th Dan

Robin has been doing kendo for as long as he can remember. In addition to several national team appearances on the world stage, he is a valuable contact person with his wealth of experience.

Joern Barthel, 5. Dan

Joern Barthel

5th Dan

As a founding member and kendoka for over 20 years, Joern teaches everyone in his performance-oriented trainings.

Alexander Triebsees, 5. Dan

Alexander Triebsees

5th Dan

Ali has been practicing kendo for over 20 years, is a founding member and trains beginners as well as advanced students.

Michaela Brzezinka, 4. Dan

Kei Udagawa

5th Dan

Kei has been doing kendo for a long time and was also in the national team. Kei is now our co-trainer for the Tekkeikan juniors

Alexander Triebsees, 5. Dan

Michaela Brzezinka

4th Dan

Mika has been doing kendo since she was a teenager and looks after our youngsters with a lot of sweat and blood.

Michaela Brzezinka, 4. Dan

Paul Mamatis

3rd Dan

Paul brings a focus on shiai and fitness to the club. He has been able to expand his skills and knowledge in several appearances at major tournaments.

Ein Bild Platzhalter ist das!

Armin Töpper

3rd Dan

Armin made his debut in the beginners' course 3/2016 and in addition to his duties as a trainer for the beginners, he is also active on the board.

Our Executive Board

Hier sollte mal ein Bild sein
Savas Cihan-Diem

Division manager

Alexander Triebsees, 5. Dan
Alexander Triebsees

2nd Division manager

Armin Töpper, 3. Dan
Armin Töpper


More Dan carriers

In addition to our above-mentioned dan holders, we have a few more:

Jan Ulmer 5th Dan Founding fathers
Alex Jakupovic 4th Dan He also makes Berlin fit.
Kai Mudrack 4th Dan Occasionally in kendo, now very often.
Levent Dogan 4th Dan Coffee and dessert connoisseur
Gunter Fiedeldei 3rd Dan Moves like a young stag
Philip Dziubalski 1st Dan 2x ginger ale please
Philipp Götz 1st Dan The man can smile at kendo
Lena Voges 1st Dan Moin Moin
Jonathan Friedrich 1st Dan The walking kendo encyclopedia

Kami is our Tekkeikan mascot. Incidentally, it always looks like this when it senses a very pronounced comfort zone.